Muslims in ML

NeurIPS Workshop, 8 December 2020, Vancouver, Canada


All times in EST.

10:30AM Welcome and Opening Remarks Live
10:35AM Invited Talk: Investigating Anti-Muslim Bias in GPT-3 through Words, Images, & Stories - Abubakar Abid Language and speech Live
11:00AM Invited Talk: Taking from the Hands that Give: CRA audits of Muslim-led Charities - Anver Emon Algorithmic bias Recorded
11:25AM Invited Talk: Automatically Identifying Islamophobia in Social Media - Ted Pedersen Algorithmic bias Recorded
11:50AM Invited Talk: The Digital Enclosure of Turkic Muslims in Northwest China - Darren Byler Algorithmic bias Recorded
12:15PM Invited Talk: Creating Multilingual Corpora for Arabic Characterset - Nayel Shafei Language and speech Live
12:30PM Invited Talk: Data Paucity and Low Resource Scenarios: Challenges and Opportunities - Mona Diab Language and speech Live
12:45PM Invited Talk: NLU Meets Islamic Religious Phrases: Highlighting the Challenges - Samhaa El-Beltagy Language and speech Live
1:00PM Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Policy, Technology, and Muslims - Roya Pakzad and Dia Kayyali Live